Our Vision

Here at Iris, we’re committed to providing an innovative tool for those seeking to block Internet pornography. A small group of professionals with varied motivations against pornography, we believe that anyone who wants to block pornography should be able to. We understand that desires for pornography filtering are as unique as the person behind it, and that’s why we’re here to help, whatever your reason. We strive to create a product and environment in which all individuals with the goal of eradicating pornography from their lives can find solace, a new mindset, and the tools to achieve their goal.

Iris protects what matters most

Safe Automatic Protection
Works Everywhere No Browser Required
One simple package Easy to install
Protects Android and Windows devices

How Iris Works

At Iris we believe it is not enough to simply stop looking at porn. We believe that experiencing true freedom means taking your worst moments and transforming them powerfully into your best moments. Iris gives you the tools and the power to do that, automatically protecting you when you are on your devices, and redirecting your focus to something positive when the need arises.

First | Detect

Next | Protect

Then | Redirect

Break bad habits, not the bank.

One Fee

What our customers are saying

“It has the best technology of all similar apps I’ve tried, BY FAR. We love it, are very very happy with your app, and we appreciate your hard work and continued improvements.”

“Eventually I successfully installed the app in my PC, after that I checked and it works!! It is unbelievable! I was searching for a long time and I am finally protected from that horror!”

“I want you guys to know that from my Samsung phone, your app is wonderful”

What are you waiting for?

Meet Iris. Meet your porn-free future. Iris is here to give you the confidence to use your devices freely & safely. Take the step today and turn your worst moments into your best ones. Take the step today and help yourself become better. Take the step today and help someone in need. Your porn-free life is waiting for you right here at iris. So, what are you waiting for?

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