5 Horrifying Implications of Sex Dolls

Our society is basically a pubescent boy running loose in the Playboy Mansion. It’s all about unfettered sexual content and instant gratification.  Really, in a world of over sexualization, it was only a matter of time before flesh lights became sex dolls, and sex dolls became sex robots. When there’s an interest in things, they tend to evolve and sophisticate as time goes on. It’s easy to see how a world with unlimited access to graphic sexual content via the Internet has produced sex robots. The problem is the same here as it is with any kind of innovation: when is it too much? When have we crossed the line between what is normal and beneficial and what is harmful and deviant? And what are the possible implications of this new technology that we need to be aware of, even if we can’t quite see them yet?

  1. Fostering Our Dependence on Machines. We’ve all seen the articles, even if we haven’t read them. “How is your smart phone affecting your relationship?” or “Is Technology making you dumber?” With access to all the information mankind has ever gathered at our fingertips, many of us find ourselves frequently glued to a device, and when that knowledge is used to produce something we know that humans as a whole will enjoy (like Facebook), it can be nearly impossible to resist. Those who remember December 1999 clearly know it was plagued with the paranoia of Y2K. People were literally preparing their bunkers and withdrawing all the money in their bank accounts in fear of what would happen when the clock struck midnight and the year changed to 00. As anyone who has experienced something like that in their lives will tell you, it really breeds a rather healthy skepticism about technological advancements.
  2. Condoning a Fixation on Physical Appearance.  Articles about sex robots always seem to feature a female robot who meets the cultural standard of beauty. They are so meticulously groomed and proportioned and it seems as though all sex dolls are made to the impossible standard of ideal feminine beauty. (That or they’re subject to the same misrepresentation living women are.) As if magazines and television weren’t destroying the self-esteem of young women enough, there’s now the potential of so-called perfect sex robots to contend with. How can a real woman, with flaws and insecurities and susceptibility to aging stand up to a robot made in an ideal image?
  3. Glorifying Rape Culture. An article in IFL featured the sex doll Samantha who, upon being taken out in the public, was so violently manhandled by a raucous crowd that she broke down.  She was taken to a festival for current developments and future possibilities in the fields of art, society, and technology. It wasn’t a sex festival, and yet the male crowds were so whipped into a frenzy by her presence that they attacked and mangled her. There was no discretion, no holding back: even though the environment was not for sex, the men felt entitled to treat her as a sexual object. As sex robots get more and more sophisticated (as they’re bound to do) this kind of behavior seems like a slippery slope to sexual assault.
  4. Replicants: the 2019 Edition. In 2010, Metro reported a story about a man who, seeming to have suffered some kind of devastating loss, took pictures of a young woman to a sex doll shop and had one made in her likeness. There’s no proof that a loss had inspired him, but when the sex doll was delivered, he was said to have pictures of the same woman all over the house. Disturbingly, the shop owner and attendants didn’t actually ask if this woman was someone he knew or if she had passed, they just assumed based on his state and physical appearance. This means that a decent actor (or potentially anyone, because they may actually not care) could get a sex doll made of anyone they want: their favorite celebrity, or the girl next door. As if the idea of a unknown sex doll isn’t creepy enough, sex robots are now becoming commercially available, and the precedent has already been set that you can Build-A-Bear yourself a sex clone of whoever your heart desires. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are women who have been so objectified, so consumed by this trend of men and their sex dolls that they’re having multiple surgeries to look more like a sex doll. They’re so lifelike they look like us and we’re so surgically altered we look like them. It’s a mess with all the trappings of a Sci-Fi movie.   
  5. Escalating Deviance. Just like with porn, people will make flimsy justifications to the use of sex dolls that fall apart under even the slightest observation. And just like with porn, there will come a time, if sex robots become common place, where they aren’t novel, and the person who uses it starts looking for something else to fulfill their needs. The question, as always, is if we, as a society allow it to continue, where does it end?

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