Where Did Step-Sister Go? The Troubling Escalating Nature of Pornography

Step-sister invades our lives…

I haven’t been analyzing porn data for long, only just over a year, but in that time, Porn Hub’s yearly publication of the activity on their site over the course of every calendar year has given me a lot of insight into pornography trends, although knowing what the trends are don’t necessarily provide any explanation as to the mass appeal. Earlier this year, while completing a project to aid our software in pornography detection, I found myself surprised and more than a little unnerved by the massive amounts of incest pornography available. Wondering if I was just in a weird part of the Internet, or if this was really a thing, I checked out Pornhub’s most recent year in review, 2017, and found that incest-related search terms made up 4 out of the top 6. A whopping 67%, roughly.

…we get used to having step-sister around…

Coming in at number 5, “step-sister” seemed to be everywhere online when I was completing that project. In fact, so popular was the “step-sister” trend, that even yesterday, while working on another project, I was inundated with the classic “tricked my stepsister into sex” scenario. It was crystal clear that incest was the newest thing in porn, and step-sister was the vehicle moving the trend.

… and then step-sister…leaves?

Just when I started to, for lack of a better word, get used to this notion, a coworker posted the 2018 Pornhub insights page. While reviewing the most popular search terms, I was surprised to find that not only were incest-related terms only 3 of the top 6 but that “step-sister” wasn’t anywhere on the list. Endless, boundless videos and channels devoted to the sister from a different mister, and yet, she’s nowhere on the list of most popular search terms?

Where Did Step Sister Go?

Where indeed. There are a lot of possibilities as to where and why step-sister went away, but the most reasonable is that she became too easily accessible. Porn is well established as an escalating behavior. Naturally, as people start searching for the latest shocking content to produce the same sexual gratification as before, the market becomes flooded with that content. Step-sister porn was highly sought after in 2017, and so in 2018, it was everywhere. Obviously, the rise in searching for her combined with high video hits inspired tons of different pornographers to create more videos with her. But as more and more videos became available, she wasn’t novel anymore. She wasn’t illicit and dangerous and exciting. And now, nobody is searching for her anymore. I didn’t think there’d be a time in my life where the decline in popularity in porn featuring step-siblings would concern me, but here we are, facing a truly bleak reality:

Who Will Take Her Place?

This is always the most frightening question. When we’ve found the newest craze and gorged ourselves on it, what’s next? When that more extreme option has become dull and vanilla and no longer produces the same results, what will it take next time?

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