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Porn has an obvious appeal or so many wouldn’t struggle with it. So why would I oppose something that is enjoyable for so many? I don’t simply desire to be a stick in the mud or a buzz kill. There are many reasons I oppose pornography.


First, because I’m a person. As a person, I care about others who are people too. I am aware of the destruction that pornography brings first hand. Unfortunately, I have seen this destruction in too many lives far too often. I have talked with people who have attempted to commit suicide, hoping that would free them from the bondage of this cruel taskmaster. I have had people confide in me with years and years of struggle and guilt that have built up in direct relation to this habit. I have spoken with many who struggle to remove those images that are burned into their brain from years of exploiting other people. I have heard people speak who were abused, drugged and exploited through this cruel industry. I am a person. I am a human. My heart breaks for these people. I have lain awake at night replaying those conversations in my head. What kind of person would I be if I took pleasure in the very thing that had destroyed the lives of so many? We must have people actively spreading the Word about the damages of pornography. There is a generation coming up that may not know the long-term damaging effects. As a human, I care about humanity. For this reason, I refuse to be silent.


Secondly, I fight against pornography because I’m a husband. There are far too many wives who will wonder if their husband was faithful to them today. There are far too many wives who have anxiety based on whether they truly married the man they think they did. I can’t control everyone, but I must determine to calm the fears of the one I have committed my life to. My prayer each day is that my wife will never have to doubt my love for her. Pornography fuels other forms of unfaithfulness. To seek out pornography while married is to demonstrate to your wife that she is not enough. Although most husbands may not feel that way; their actions demonstrate otherwise. Pornography can be alluring, but as a husband, I must choose true love. To choose pornography I would cease to be a faithful husband.


Thirdly, I fight against pornography because I’m a father. I have a beautiful 1-year old daughter. I would love to see the World through her eyes. She is full of optimism and joy. She is as carefree as they come.  Her biggest concern each day is trying to find a way to play with every remote control in the house without us seeing. Someday, however, she will grow up. She may potentially lose her optimism for life if confronted with the destruction pornography brings. As a father, I must protect my children. As a father, I see those struggling with pornography as somebody’s son or daughter, regardless of age. I see those stuck in the industry as those who were once somebody’s little girl or boy. How could I sit back quietly while so many people’s children destroy aspects of their life?


My goal is not to sound self-righteous, for there are so many struggles I have day to day. My goal is to explain why I do what I do. To me, fighting against pornography is my only option. I have to fight against pornography for there are humans destroying their lives. I have to fight pornography because there are so many wives whose despair haunts me. I must fight against pornography to help create a safer world for my little girl.


Guest Author Jordan Napier

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