The Victorious Addict

Sexual immorality and pornography have been part of my family history for over 28 years. Beginning at the age of eight, pornography was weaved into my consciousness and I lost what it was to be an honorable man. Over the years pornography manipulated into my brain a sense of disrespect for women and what true love was and should look like.

Throughout my teen years leading up to my marriage, I thought porn was OK, that women really liked to be treated like that. I fell for the excuse that I was a guy and I am supposed to like porn. Now through years of watching, porn has seeped into my conscience and left me with a scar I can never remove. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t fight or give up on what’s right.

After marriage, I learned that my wife did not like me looking at that garbage even though she also indulged for my sake. I learned that pornography only leads to destruction, but intimacy leads to a true spouse and partner. If it wasn’t for the fight against pornography and understanding that destruction I would not be married today. I would not be as aware of the dangers of what porn or any other addiction can cause, so in that, I am blessed for the journey I was taken on.

I’ve found victory over pornography, but the fight has just begun.  I now have four children to consider, so, I fight not only because I was given a second chance at life but a chance to lead my children into something pure and real. I get to lead my daughters and be an example of what a husband should look like and how a man should treat his wife. I get to lead my son to be an amazing husband and father. I get to show him the true path to understanding what love and marriage should look like. I get to show him how to treat women with respect, virtuousness, and honor. This is the mission of a victorious addict: to use your weakness as a strength and to lead others away from the battlefield.

Guest Author Scott Woodard

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